People usually think about doors when they need to install one, like when they’re having a house built or moving into a new one. But after a door is installed, it doesn’t take long before they’re take for granted. What you should realize is that doors do not last forever. They have a lifespan. And as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to know when you should replace a door in your home.

Because there is no expiry date written on your door when it’s installed, it is up to you to check for signs that it needs replacement. And if you are unsure what to look for, here are some things you should watch for:

  1. If there are visible cracks on your door, then you should immediately replace it. Cracks attract bugs and drafts. They are also a sign that your door’s structure is already weak. It may not be safe for you and your family to keep using that door.
  2. As the seals around your door age, they crack or shrink. This may be the reason why you have been noticing that your house gets quite cold at night.
  3. Do you notice your door scraping the floor when you open or close it? This shouldn’t be ignored. It means your door warps or sags. It could damage your floor in the long run too.
  4. Do you hate squeaky hinges? We do too. But do you know that more than just being a nuisance, squeaky hinges may well be a cry for help. You may have oiled them a few times, but doing so could only last so long. When the hinges start to show sign of wearing down, it could mean the door itself is on its way towards that direction too. More than that, loose hinges are quite easy to force open!
  5. If you feel like you’ve been seeing an excessive number of pests and ants inside your home when there were just a few or even none before, it may be time to check your door to see if it is the culprit. If your door is not closing properly, insects can easily waltz in and cause more damage to our home inside.

Your door is the first thing that guests see when they come for a visit. It is also the thing you want to see after a hard day at work. It is therefore just right to pay attention to the state of your entryway if not every day, at least every once in a while.