Double Tilt Slider Windows

A single tilt slider window has a single stationary sash and another sash which moves side to side and can tilt into the room for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Includes a screen that covers half of the window.

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You may have seen many residential properties with this type of window.

This horizontally sliding window is one of the most popular residential windows today. These are created with both sashes sliding horizontally – giving any home that contoured and stylish look. Both screens can be opened at both ends and they can also be combined with picture windows – they can even be doubled-up side-to-side!

This is also available as a single tilt slider window.

double tilt slider window
standard double tilt slider window features

Standard Double Tilt Slider Window Features

1. Cam Locks

2. Full Pull Rail

3. Full Screen with Overlapping Frame

4. Finger latches

5. Drainage flaps

6. Stainless steel pivot shoe

7. Security Latches