Casement Windows

A casement window operates the same way as a door, swinging open to provide superior ventilation and operated by a crank handle. Casement windows can open from the left or right side.

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Casement windows will add style to your home…

Have you seen those windows that open widely?

That is what you call a casement window. So, what exactly is it? More importantly, why would you need it? A casement window functions just like your typical door – it swings open. It is created this way to be able to provide superior ventilation to a room.

It is also operated by a crank handle, making it easy for anyone to open and close. A casement window can also open out right or left.

This is also available as an awning window.

Casement Window
standard casement window features

Standard Casement Window Features

1. Multipoint locking hardware 

2. Truth Maxim™ hardware with fold away handle 

3. Full push-down screen with overlapping frame 

4. Triple Weather Seals 

5. Sash Keeper 

6. Internal Drainage System 

7. Interior Laminates (optional)