Single Hung Windows

A single hung window has single stationary sash and another sash which moves up and down and can tilt into the room for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Includes a screen that covers half of the window.

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Single hung windows can also be tilted into the room to provide easy cleaning and maintenance.

This type of window also includes a screen that covers half of the entire window. Single-hung windows are perfect for modern homes because they cost a bit less than double hung windows.

They are also less susceptible to leakage or air infiltration because its upper sash is fixed and will not develop looseness the way a moving sash can.

single hung window
standard single hung window features

Standard Casement Window Features

1. Cam Lock

2. Constant Force Balancers

3. Finger latches

4. Dual interlocking rails between upper and lower sash

5. Pocket Sill

6. Overlapping Screen Frame