Choosing what home improvement project to invest on could be confusing. If what you want is something that could make the room brighter, larger, and a whole lot better looking than before, then having a bay window installed may be your best bet. Interested? Let us tell you about some of the benefits of this window style.

Bay windows became prominent during the Victorian era. Back then they were common but not in a global level. That is, unlike how they are today. Now bay windows have truly become a beloved and preferred home feature.

Its structure, with one panel parallel to the exterior wall and two flanking windows angled off to the sides, not only does this style stand out for its aesthetics but also for the viewing advantage it presents. Because bay windows can deliver what most homeowners look for which is a bright, airy, and roomy living space, their popularity is growing by the minute. Truly, it appears that if one wants to create the illusion of a bigger room while establishing a visual flow to their outdoor space, there is probably no better choice for you than a bay window.

Due to its three-part design, a bay window can easily maximize the amount of natural light your room is getting all throughout the day. That is one of its advantages over standard windows which allow sunshine in only at a certain time in a day.

Usually, a bay window has a fixed panel in the center. The operable windows are those on either side. If you open both windows, you will get a refreshing cross-ventilation. Because it allows cool breezes into your home while sending out warmer air, this cross-ventilation offers your family a more comfy and healthy indoor atmosphere.

Its classic silhouette certainly looks great from the outside. But it is in the inside that a bay window makes its biggest impact. Its generous sight lines for example, lets your family have that strong connection to the outdoors. Unlike other types of windows that give you the feeling that they are the dividing lines between nature and your home, bay windows blur that line. It provides that illusion of an expansive and extended space. Most homeowners also love the extra foot area provided by a bay window. Usually this extra space is turned into a reading nook or a place perfect for low shelves.

Of course, not all bay windows are created equal. If you want to get the most of this classic style of window, make sure you choose one with high quality. EnerView Windows & Doors can provide you with the best bay windows you can find. Give us a call and we’d happy to install one for you!