Most people think that replacing windows simply means choosing the frame and glass and getting someone to do it. However, it is a lot more than that. For one, your home’s existing openings may have to be changed for the new windows to be installed. Another thing to consider is if there are strict building codes and energy efficiency upgrades required. You may also have to shell out for additional expenses, especially if you are going for a customized size instead of something standard.

Truly, there is a lot to be considered and here are some you might want to think about when choosing custom windows:

Your Decision to Go Custom

Before anything else, first ask yourself if you really need custom windows. After all, it will most probably come in an irregular size and may cost quite a bit if you need to make the existing opening bigger or smaller to accommodate the new windows. If you go for a smaller window, then that would require filling, patching, and trimming, which would probably cancel out any savings you thought you’d have.

If you choose to install a bigger window, that would need some expensive adjustments as well. It’s best that you ask for a professional assessment, so you can get an estimate of the probable cost of your project.

Aside from the sizing, there are other reasons you want to go custom. For example, you probably find that your existing windows do not exactly complement the aesthetics of your home, so you want to get windows that do. Another reason is you probably want to upgrade to an energy-efficient model.

When you order your custom windows, be sure to have them made with energy-efficiency features and performance options that are suitable for your region and its climate. Most custom windows are available in the same materials as those standard windows so that should not be a problem.

Once you have decided to go customized windows, you now have some options – if your existing frame is still in good condition, you may choose not to replace the whole window and keep the interior and exterior trims you already have. It might be possible to get just the custom panes, unless you want to upgrade to a thicker glass or if they are glued into the frame. You can also order a custom sash that is compatible with your old frame. You can go for a custom replacement window which is practically a new unit that is held together with a thin frame that will just be inserted into your existing frame. Of course, you can always opt for replacing the entire unit.

Unless you are trained for it, it’s best to have an expert window installer to do everything, from the actual measurement. Even the slightest error in measurement can be disastrous. Consult the experts here at EnerView Windows & Doors for all your custom window needs, and we’ll take care of you from measurement to installation.