Bay Windows

Bay windows typically consist of a large window between two double hung or casement windows joined together to form one large viewing area. These are a decorative type of window that projects outward from the wall. It’s common to see a bay window with a padded seating area to provide a comfortable place to enjoy views, otherwise known as a sit-down bay.

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Bay windows can create the illusion of extra space

Experience some of that outdoor living!

Want to have residential windows that make you feel like you have expanded your room into the outdoors?

This can be done by positioning a large window, such as a bay window, between two double hung windows or casement windows. This will create one large viewing area that you and your whole family will surely love.

This is also available as a bow window.

bay window
standard bay window features

Standard Bay Window Features

1. Foam Filled Couplers for Added Insulation

2. Fully Assembled, Factory Finished on the Inside

3. Standard or custom angles

4. Head & Seat or contoured

5. Custom Projections