Natural sunlight can be taken for granted at times, all we need to do is step outdoors during most days and enjoy the light provided to us by the sun. When you are looking to purchase a home, it is important to keep natural light in mind. Depending on your surroundings, what direction your home is situated and the placement of your windows and doors, your home may or may not get as much natural light in your home as you would like.

You may be thinking that’s what lights are for, but natural lighting has many benefits that can’t be reproduced by artificial lighting. Below we outline 6 of these benefits reported by multiple windows and doors companies.

Natural Light Increases Your Home’s Beauty

There is no denying it, natural light will enhance the internal aesthetics of your home. Natural light has a way of making colours appear more vibrant adding an extra ‘pop’ to your living space. Your home’s atmosphere is more inviting due to the warmth and brightness of natural light. Opening your windows and doors not only helps allow more natural light into your home but also allows for fresh air to circulate around your home, adding to the ambiance.

Sunlight Is A Natural Source of Vitamin D

The health benefits associated with Vitamin D are well documented and sunlight is our best source of Vitamin D. Natural light helps strengthen your immune and improves your overall health. When there is ample sunlight in your home, you are benefiting from additional Vitamin D, naturally.

Evokes Positive Emotions

Sunshine helps in warding off anxiety, loneliness and depression, when your home is filled with natural light it helps keep the environment feeling light and positive. Many studies have suggested that more people suffer from depression during winter months as they are not able to spend as much time outdoors enjoying the fresh air and natural light. If your home however, has plenty of natural light, you can enjoy this benefit all year round.

Increases Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

In most cases, when there is sufficient natural light in your home, you won’t need to rely on artificial light to luminate your space. This in turns increases your energy efficiency as you reduce your energy consumption. A big benefit of using less energy is enjoying lower energy bills!

Increase in Property Value

As we outlined above, natural light has plenty of benefits, but as a home owner you get an additional benefit associated with the value of your home. Potential home buyers look for homes that have plenty of natural lighting, so if your home falls into this category there will be a higher demand for your property and a higher perceived value.

Living in a home that gets plenty of natural light is definitely a positive experience with many benefits. If your home however does not receive as much natural light as you would like, it doesn’t mean it is time to move. There are ways using different design tactics to increase the natural light that enters your home, but this is a topic for another article.