When purchasing a home from a builder or even a resale home, you are limited to any structural changes and major design changes that you can make. However, if you are designing a new home, updating your existing home, or renovating a home you just purchased you have the ability to modify the floor plan and make changes that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and convenient. Your windows provide you with a view, allow light to enter your home, and provide fresh air to circulate your home when opened.

Windows are the perfect blend of form and function, and today more than ever before they are used as design elements in a home. Here are 5 unique ideas for windows in your home:

A Wall of Windows

Building a window wall is a must for any home with a view. If your home backs onto a wooded lot or faces a large body of water, mountains, or if you are in a secluded area. Replacing an outer wall with a wall of windows is a great way to add character to your home, while incorporating the outdoors with your home. This wall of windows will provide a plethora of natural light that will work its way through your home and provide you with a view all year round.

A Corner Window

Another popular trend is to have two windows meet at a corner of a room. These adjoining picture windows will provide 180-degree views while allowing plenty of natural light to enter your home. A corner window will be the focal point of any room and increase the appeal from both the inside and out. A corner window just begs for you to pull up a chair and enjoy a great book or enjoy your morning coffee.

Oversized Bathroom Windows

Most bathrooms are designed with smaller windows, this is done to maintain your privacy. A downfall of these smaller windows is that bathrooms tend to be darker. By replacing your smaller bathroom window with a much larger oversized window you will have more natural light enter your bathroom. Include a window in your shower to allow for a connection with nature and for added ventilation and lighting. For maintaining privacy, you can frost the window and still enjoy the natural light.

Windows Along Your Staircase

Quite often you will find that stair cases are aligned with an exterior wall of a home. This provides a great opportunity to allow more natural light to enter your home. Having oversized windows along your staircase creates a more dramatic effect and adds to your home’s aesthetics. If there was ever a place to be creative with your windows, this is it. Consider diamond shaped or circular windows to add an additional design elements into your home.

Windows as Room Dividers

You read that right, windows may be primarily used on exterior walls, but utilizing a bank of interior windows to separate rooms will allow for more natural light to travel through your home, make your rooms appear larger, and provide the open feel while still being able to maintain some privacy. You do not need specialty windows and doors companies to help you build and install windows for the inside of your home, the good news is that these windows often cost less as you do not require them to have the same energy efficiency features as your exterior windows.

When it comes to window placement, there are unique opportunities in every home. Windows add character and function to any room. If you are completing a renovation or completing upgrades in your home, don’t miss the opportunity to incorporate a few unique window placements.