There are so many options available when it comes time to replacing the windows in your home. With a number of windows and doors companies promising you the best quality products and service, it can be difficult navigating through all of the promises and options to choose the right replacement windows for you and your home. At times it can even be overwhelming and even confusing.

To help make the decision process a bit simpler, our team has put together these 5 tips to choosing the right replacement windows.

1. Avoid Going At It Alone

No matter your skill level or how attractive the pricing seems to be when buying your windows direct from the manufacturer, you should leave your windows replacement project to the experts. Window replacement involves certain intricacies that will determine the success and efficiency of the replacement project. Any number of small mistakes can lead to the warranties being voided on your widows or even future replacements being needed due to errors with the installation.

2. Choose a Reputable Installer

Partnering with an experienced windows contractor for your window replacement project is extremely important. As mentioned above, any number of small mistakes can lead to serious issues with the operation of your replacement windows. Being comfortable with the installation team and trusting in their abilities will help enjoy your home upgrades even more. Ask for a recommendation from neighbours, family members, colleagues, and conduct your own search online to help you find the right contractor.

3. Prioritize Function

Windows indeed contribute to your home’s aesthetics and curb appeal. However, the operation and function of your windows cannot be overlooked for aesthetic appeal. Ask for advice and explanation where necessary about the right types of replacement windows to buy. Consider your region and prevailing climate. If your area experiences constant windstorm, ask if the replacement window you want to purchase can withstand the extreme weather without failing, also consider ease of cleaning, maintenance, operation, etc.

4. Opt For Energy Efficient Windows

A window replacement project is an opportunity to boost your home’s energy efficiency by choosing windows with added efficiency options. The additional cost of purchasing energy efficient windows will be compensated for with your overall savings from your energy bills over time. Energy efficient windows will increase the comfort level of your home, reduce wear and tear on your HVAC unit, and help reduce your energy bills.

5. Understand Warranties

When purchasing replacement windows, always review the types and terms of the warranties being provided by the contractor. There are usually two types of warranty, one that covers the windows themselves against any defects. This is the manufacturers warranty. If there is a problem with how the windows were manufactured they will be repaired or replaced under this warranty. However, a manufacturer’s warranty does not cover faults due to how the windows were installed. This is covered under the contractor’s service warranty. This warranty covers the labour needed by the contractor to rectify the issue.