Single Lift Out Slider Window Canada

Low-maintenance Slider Maintenance.

Just Like the Double Lift Out Slider Windows, the Single Lift Out Slider Windows Are Low-maintenance.

Single Lift-out Slider Window Installation & Replacement Services

This type of window consists of a single stationary sash as well as another sash that can be moved side-to-side. The sashes can be lifted out for easy cleaning and maintenance. It also comes with a screen that covers half of the window.


Enerview provides the best quality single lift out slider windows across Canada.

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Neat Glass Maintenance

Are you still waking up to dirty windows? You don’t have to. What you need are Enerview’s Neat ® Glass self-cleaning windows. You read that right – self-cleaning. Finally, you can say goodbye to weekends spent on window-washing. Just let Enerview windows do their job.

Enerview’s Neat ® Glass feature is a patented glass coating that you’ll get with all Enerview window installations. How does it work? It is solar-activated which means when sunlight hits your windows, Enerview’s Neat ® Glass breaks down organic materials, including airborne particles and dust so there’s really no need for you to do the washing.

This type of window is ideal for locations where out-swinging windows would interfere with walkways, decks, patios or landscaping. For high-traffic areas, you are best to use single tilt slider windows. They are also perfect for smaller rooms within your home.

This type of window is also notable because they are not just functional – they are also aesthetically-pleasing. If you are a home designer, you know this is true. If you are also looking for a window that is optimal for openings that are tight and narrow, then you will surely love single tilt slider windows!

Having this type of window also lets fresh air in. If you and your family do not like living spaces that are stale and stuffy, then you will definitely benefit from this design.

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Every Enerview Window comes with a transferable, non-prorated Lifetime Warranty!

Double Glaze Windows

If you’re interested in getting Enerview windows, know that double-pane is the minimum standard for each window installation. What you’ll get from our double glaze windows is just the right balance of protection from the scorching heat of the sun during summer, as well as heat absorption during winter. If you want something close to a triple glaze window but minus the cost, then our 180 glass package is your best choice. It also gives the highest Energy Star rating!


Triple Glaze Windows

Perhaps you need more protection from the sun. If that is the case, then you better go for our triple pane windows. As the industry leader, Enerview is able to offer triple pane windows at rates you’ll surely love. Many of our competitors don’t offer triple glaze windows and those who do can’t beat our prices!

Fly Maze

Sometimes a little tweak is all it takes to turn something ordinary into extraordinary. Our fly maze may be a minor change, but you’ll be astounded at how greatly it improves function and comfort. Our window experts insert a sponge-like material into the window frame to keep pesky insects from getting inside your home. This is truly a unique window feature you won’t find elsewhere.

Specialty Patterns

Do you think our self-cleaning glass windows are amazing? Here’s another reason to love them – we have an array of specialty patterns for you to choose from! That means you can show off your personality through your windows. We have glue chip, silvit, sycamore, and pinhead patterns, among others. You can also try our colour tints!

Single Lift Out Slider Windows Colours

We have thirteen beautiful pre-selected Solar-Bond ™ colours that you can choose from. They are all available for your window frames, grills, and accessories. You also have the option to have a colour customized for you. To assure you of quality, our polyurethane acrylic finishes come with a 15-year Solar-Bond ™ Exterior Colour Warranty, to show you that they are truly weather-proof and fade-resistant.

All of our Windows & Doors are Energy Star Certified!

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