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Who Says Windows Can’t Be Mixed and Matched?

Low Profile Fixed Window Installation & Replacement Services

If you are looking for the perfect window to combine with other windows, then the low-profile fixed window is what you are looking for! What are low profile fixed windows? They are windows that DO NOT OPEN. Yes, that’s right! They are perfect for that stylish decor you are aiming for.


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Neat Glass Maintenance

Enerview’s Neat ® Glass self-cleaning windows – it’s everything you need to finally say goodbye to window cleaning! No one enjoys window-cleaning and this amazing technology makes sure that you don’t have to. Enerview Windows clean themselves!

The patented glass coating is a standard feature of every Enerview window installation. When activated by sunlight, Neat ® Glass coating breaks organic materials like airborne particles and dust. This amazing technology eliminates the need for frequent window washing.

If you just want to change the look of your room or your home, or you simply just want more glass but less frame, then you will definitely love the low profile fixed window as it provides a picture-perfect view. It can be easily coupled with other window styles, so you can let your imagination run wild with this one!

It also comes with a concealed internal drainage system that makes it perfect for that aesthetically pleasing window you’ve always wanted. You do not have to worry about the change in weather – this window comes with built-in weather seals for structural integrity and maximum leak protection!

This type of window is also elegant in design and narrow in frame, resulting in a unique appearance that also gives you a maximized view – perfect for any office or living room.

It is also energy efficient as it does not open. You do not have to worry about any air leakage, but you will still be able to get some sunlight in!

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Every Enerview Window comes with a transferable, non-prorated Lifetime Warranty!

Double Glaze Windows

The minimum standard for all Enerview window installation is double-pane. Double pane windows provide sufficient protection from the rays of the sun in the summer and heat absorption during winter. You’ll find that our Energy Star rated double glaze 180 glass package’s performance is close to that of a triple glazed window.


Triple Glaze Windows

If you live in an area where additional protection from harsh weather elements is needed, then triple pane windows would be the right choice for you. As the leading window makers in the industry, Enerview can offer you highly durable triple pane windows at reasonable rates. Not many of our competitors have triple glaze windows to offer – and those who do cannot compare with our rates.

Specialty Patterns

For those who want their windows to be a little more special, we offer a range of specialty patterns for our Enerview’s glass windows. You’ll find exiting patterns like glue chip, pinhead, silvit, and sycamore, among others. You can also try one of our beautiful colour tints. Our unique patterns and colour tints can surely make your windows stand out!

Low Profile Fixed Windows Colours

We have 13 beautiful pre-selected Solar-Bond ™ colours available for all our window frames, grills, and accessories. If you want a colour customized to go with the existing colour palette in your home, we can do it for you. All our standard polyurethane acrylic paint finishes are resistant to fading and weather-wearing. They come with a 15-year Solar-Bond ™ Exterior Colour Warranty, too.

All of our Windows & Doors are Energy Star Certified!

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