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For Windows That Offer Expansive Views of the Outdoors, Bow Windows Are the Right Choice for You!

Bow Window Installation & Replacement Services

These windows tend to create another dimension to a home. Bow windows usually consists of a series of four or more adjoining window units that project out from your home’s wall. Each unit can be operational or stationary. An elegant window seat, a plant ledge, or a breakfast nook can be created within its bow area. How lovely!


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Neat Glass Maintenance

Most homeowners do not like the idea of having to spend their weekends cleaning their windows. With Enerview’s Neat:registered: Glass self-cleaning feature, you don’t have to. You can finally stop worrying about dirty windows! Neat:registered: Glass, a patented glass coating that we use in all Enerview installations, is solar-activated. That means when sunlight hits the glass, this unique coating breaks down airborne particles and dust – reducing the need for window washing!

By having a bow window at home, you improve your home’s aesthetic look. These windows present a more modern and elegant look. Their minimalist design creates the illusion of additional space.

Bow windows also let more natural light in. Since they provide a panoramic view of the outdoors, the natural light helps create a feeling of a fresher, livelier environment. In addition, more light also means less artificial lighting is needed – thus, it also helps you lower your energy costs!

In addition to the unobstructed view, plenty of natural light and increased aesthetic value, bow windows also offer better air ventilation. This type of window can either be installed in a fixed position or in a casement style that can be opened for ventilation. Having a breath of fresh air whenever you want it is definitely one of the best perks bow windows can give you!

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Every Enerview Window comes with a transferable, non-prorated Lifetime Warranty!

Double Glaze Windows

Enerview windows’ standard minimum for installation is the double pane. Double glaze windows work really well in extreme weather conditions, providing sufficient protection from the heat of the sun during summer and absorbing heat in winter. Our 180 glass package gives the highest Energy Star rating.


Triple Glaze Windows

Do you think you need additional protection from harsh weather elements? Then you might want to consider triple pane windows. Enerview, a recognized leader in the industry brings you highly-durable triple pane windows at really good rates. Not many of our competitors have triple pane windows to offer, and those who do can’t compare to either the quality or the rates we can offer.

Specialty Patterns

If you want to add a little flair to your windows, you can choose to have the glass in specialty patterns. With beautiful patterns including glue chip, silvit, sycamore, and pinhead among others, you can have your windows reflecting your personality in a subtle but elegant way! If you want to take it a step further, you can try one of our colour tints.

Bow Windows Colours

Enerview windows come in 13 different pre-selected Solar-Bond:tm: colours that are all equally exquisite. You can have the colour you want for your window frames, grills, and accessories. You also have the option to customize the colour you want. The polyurethane acrylic paint finish is resistant to fading and any harsh weather element. You’ll get an exterior colour warranty of 15 years, too!

All of our Windows & Doors are Energy Star Certified!

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