There are a lot of options to consider when planning an upcoming window replacement project for your home. One of the options you may be presented with is the amount of window panes you would like for your new windows. The most popular options are double-paned and triple-paned windows, but which is better?

Below we outline some of the differences between double and triple paned windows to help with your decision making.

What are Double Pane and Triple Pane Windows?

Double pane and triple pane windows are defined by their structure, more specifically the number of glass sheets incorporated within the window itself. A windowpane or glass sheets can also be referred to as glazing. Double glazed is the same as a double paned window and triple glazed is the same as a triple paned window.

A double pane or double glazes window comprises two sheets of glass or panes while a triple pane or triple glazed window consists of three sheets. The space between the panes can be filled with either krypton or Argon gas to enhance the energy efficiency of the windows, so double paned windows have one space and triple paned windows have two spaces that can be filled with either of these insulating gases.

Which is the Better Choice: Double Pane and Triple Pane Windows?

An extra pane or sheet of glass added to a window ultimately increases the windows efficiency, but a triple paned window will also cost more than a double paned window as there are more materials used in the manufacturing.

It is no secret that triple pane windows offer more benefits than double pane windows, such as:

  1. They allow less heat to escape
  2. An additional low-E coating can be applied to the extra pane
  3. They offer higher noise reduction
  4. Have less condensation
  5. They offer enhanced security because they are harder to break
  6. The higher energy efficiency rating allows for additional saving due to reduced energy costs

Ultimately, if you have older single pane windows in your home, upgrading to either double pane or triple pane windows will yield plenty of advantages for you. If your budget allows of triple pane windows for your upcoming window replacement project, we suggest opting in to triple glazed windows to take advantage of the added benefits. However, if you are not able to fit the triple glazed windows into your budget, choosing to go with double glazed windows with added energy efficiency features such as gas filled and low-e glass will still provide your home with great looking windows that will help reduce your energy consumption.