At some point, every homeowner will need to replace their windows—and most of the time, this can be an expensive upfront cost. Fortunately, with EnerView Windows and Doors, there is a way to save some money by purchasing windows that are Energy Star® certified. What exactly is the difference between Energy Star® certified windows from regular ones? Here are a few things that you need to know:

What is Energy Star®?

This certification is the official impression of high-efficiency goods in Canada. The Energy Star® emblem that is coloured blue means that a product meets uptight requirements and specifications. It usually means that the product is at the top 15-30% of its own course for energy efficiency.

What are the benefits?

Your home will be provided with more insulation if you choose to replace your windows with Energy Star® certified windows and will also help you save money on your electricity bills. In addition, these type of windows could also qualify you for tax credits and incentives. There are presently two programs that can possibly provide you with tax credits or incentives—the Home Energy Conservation Program (HEC) and the Home Winterproofing Program (HWP).

The Home Energy Conservation Program

This system helps homeowners enhance the energy efficiency of their house, reduce their utility expenses, and lowers their house’s influence on the environment. This surely sounds like a win-win-win for anyone! This program offers qualified homeowners an installation of otherwise recommended energy enhancements in addition to $2,100 in commissions involving the price of a power evaluation.

The Home Winterproofing Program

For homeowners that will apply and qualify with this program, they will be eligible to acquire an installation of brand new insulation and draft proofing measures provided by professionals at no cost. The energy company Enbridge is the one that covers these installation costs.

Is It Worth Replacing Your Windows?

Even the top quality brands of windows and professional installations can eventually wear and break down in the long run. The regular lifespan of residential windows can only last 15-20 years. If you do a good job maintaining your windows, then they may pass beyond 20 years, however, once it starts approaching two decades old, you might also want to think about replacing it. It may not sound like it, but window replacements can apparently be a valuable investment. Generally speaking, the price of having your windows replaced is actually worth the money you will spend—you will recoup at least 70-80% of your costs on the market value of your house.

Consult The Experts!

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