The design of your window can make or break the look of your home. You’ll want to go with a timeless aesthetic that has a lasting impression for many years; something that won’t go out of style. After you have decided it’s time to replace your old windows, choosing a new look is an exciting part of upgrading your home! Today’s current trends are made to last and complement your home. Modern and contemporary designs are ones that can be dressed up or down, making it one of the most versatile trends on the market.

The aesthetic of your home can be contingent on the overall build and design, and that included the windows. Ultimately, you choose what works for you and your personal taste. If you are selling your home in the near future, go with a current trend. That way your home will sell faster, in no time. Many sources state that modern designs are in, but what does that mean? Within the fashion of modernity and contemporary looks, there are multiple sub-categories. Let’s take a closer look at these trends.

Clean Lines

Modern window designs are all about clean lines, preferability the thinner the better. This includes crisp lines and squared edges. These days, customers are more interested in more glass and less frames. You don’t want the beauty of your view to be obstructed by frames around a window that are too thick and obnoxious. Clean lines also serve as a benefit when cleaning, there is less material to maintain.

Minimal hardware adds a lot value to the modern look. Narrow frames will complement decor, architecture, and overall feel to the contemporary design of your home. It is best to stick to one colour throughout your home for consistency, but black window frames fit best in lightly coloured rooms, especially white, because of the contrast. Choosing a frame that is simple and well-built is the key.

Expansive Glass

Remember, more glass, less frame. Large windows are a huge trend right now, and it is here to stay. Home owners are looking to add more simplicity to the design of their home. As mentioned earlier, clean lines are less distracting to the scenery you get from more expensive glass. The overall look is simple and streamlined. Expansive glass windows are timeless because they offer more viewability, something that won’t go out of style. Think about larger windows more like a glass wall to your home. It is unique, subtle, and will look amazing with any furniture.

If you love your view, it only makes sense to do it justice by making it seen, from the inside.The frame, as mentioned earlier, pairs well with minimal frames. This can be any material that fits your budget. Metal, wood or fibreglass will suffice. At one point this was a design trend for luxury homes and buildings, but many companies manufacture this for all consumers. It is increasingly becoming more popular, making it one of the best, eye catching trends.

Energy Efficient

Out of all the current trends, saving on energy is the best one to jump on. Energy efficient windows will lower the cost of your monthly hydro bill every month. These windows work though the use of low-emissivity glass that block sun rays, keeping heat contained inside when outside is cold outside, and cold air inside when it is hot. This means you can run your thermostat for a less amount of time. There are different glazes you can get, including tinted or reflected. Since these glasses are so contained, you gain more comfort when you are near them. That means no more drafts, you can snuggle up next to your favourite view and read a book for hours without feeling a gust of wind.

The result of large energy efficient windows come with a lot of style and a cost-effective repair, a lot more than homeowners think. Your bills will lower in cost and your furniture will last longer due to the sun rays not seeping in! It’s a total win-win trend!

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