There are many window replacement companies offering a wide range of products and services. With so many choices it can be challenging to decide which company offers the best windows for your needs. Enerview offers premium windows for your window replacement.

Here are 10 reasons why EnerView manufactures a better window:

1. Better Performance 

EnerView adds a LoE (low emissivity) coating to improve the insulating value of your windows by nearly 40%. Enerview glass is produced with a patented LoE coating technology which filters out heat from the sun in the summer and allows the sun’s natural energy to enter during the winter. This feature ensures year-round comfort for you and everyone in your home.

The LoE-treated window will feel warmer to the touch during the winter because it prevents interior heat from escaping by reflecting it back into the room. During the summer, LoE glass filters out the heat from the sun, helping to keep your home cooler. Another benefit of LoE glass is that it prevents window condensation. LoE coating helps to increase the interior temperature of the glass, in turn, increasing the resistance to condensation.

2. Window spacers that last

EnerView implements Cardinal’s Endur IG Spacer Bar that delivers the industry’s lowest failure rate and provides outstanding thermal performance and solar control. The spacer is built in 4 parts:

  1. Primary Seal: minimizes moisture permeation, it is UV resistant and provides a great Argon barrier.
  2. Secondary Seal: another level for moisture resistance but also resists temperature and ultraviolet radiation.
  3. Stainless Steel Spacer: reduces heat conduction along the top of the spacer, which improves performance while also being extremely crush resistant.
  4. Desiccant: any moisture buildup is removed by these high absorption beads, which lead to a longer-lasting spacer.

3. Specially formulated lead-free vinyl 

EnerView windows are constructed using an exclusive and specially formulated PVC which is manufactured from completely new vinyl to ensure a superior product that is durable, does not fade, is mildew-resistant, and comes completely lead-free. This specialty vinyl is also formulated to withstand Canadian climates. It has superior weathering capabilities and impact resistance. It will not warp, crack or peel and it is guaranteed for a lifetime.

4. Gas-enhanced double-pane glass 

To maintain and reduce the transfer rate of heat and cold, EnerView uses a technology that involves filling the spaces between panes of glass with gasses like Argon and Krypton. These safe, odorless, and colorless gasses are heavier than air and reduce the transfer of heat and cold through the glass. The end result is a glass window with exceptional insulation capabilities.

5. Triple weather seals 

EnerView windows are built with bulb seals into the frame to provide maximum seal performance. Bulb seals are a common seal design for keeping water, dust, or extreme temperatures out of your windows and in turn out of your home. With Santoprene Bulb Seals and pile weather-stripping, EnerView windows virtually eliminate air infiltration.

6. Active “self-cleaning” glass 

EnerView windows are treated with a special active coating called Neat, which uses the sun’s light to break down organic dirt. Once it rains, dirt is washed away from your windows. This lowers any homeowner’s maintenance routine when it comes to the exterior of their home.

7. Multi-chamber design 

The multi-chambered frame design is very important to the overall thermal aspect of a window.Enerview’s multi-chamber design ensures drainage cavities are concealed in the sash to allow water to drain quickly. In addition, larger cavities can be filled with foam for improved thermal performance. Depending on the window design, those filled with foam will have a greater energy rating. Ultimately leading to a more energy-efficient window.

8. Premium Hardware 

EnerView incorporates the best quality hardware and weather-stripping to all their available products. EnerView understands even the best windows and hardware can encounter problems. If any issues arise with the frame, glass, and hardware it is covered by their lifetime window warranty.

9. Fusion-welded sash and frame 

Your window fitment is very important to ensure no air is entering or escaping your window fixture. To ensure your window is sealed tight Enerview windows have the sash and frame precision-mitered and welded simultaneously which provides a precise fit every time.

10. “Fly maze” design for keeping insects out 

EnerView windows include a proprietary fly maze design that incorporates an invisible sponge-like material into their multi-chamber vinyl frame. The fly maze design eliminates any possibility of insects entering your home through drainage openings from your windows.

EnerView manufactures feature-packed windows that are highly durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. Enerview windows are designed to handle the Canadian climates with LoE coating, window spacers, specialty formulated vinyl, gas-enhanced double-pane glass, and triple weather seals. EnerView windows are also designed for convenience with self-cleaning glass, multi-chamber design, premium hardware, fusion-welded sash and frame, and a fly maze construction. Most importantly EnerView provides confidence in their product with their lifetime warranty.