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If You Prefer Having Low-maintenance Slider Windows at Home:

Double Lift Out Slider Window Installation & Replacement Services

Then our double lift out slider window is just what you are looking for! This type of window provides a lift-out sash that makes cleaning a breeze. Both sashes lift out and can slide for that maximum ventilation you and your family needs.


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Neat Glass Maintenance

Window cleaning is a thing of the past with Enerview’s Neat® Glass self-cleaning windows. You don’t have to lift a finger. These incredible windows do all the work all by themselves.

Neat® Glass is a patented glass coating that comes standard with every Enerview window installation. Activated by sunlight, Neat® Glass breaks down organic materials such as dust and airborne particles, eliminating the need for frequent washing.

One of the greatest benefits of this type of window is that it saves space. Since they do not project over outside patios or walkways, nor do they open into the house, you can be sure that they will not take up any valuable space in any room. They easily slide up if you need more ventilation. Ideal for smaller basement windows as they create the maximum amount of clear space should you need to escape through the window.

Double lift out slider windows are also easily operated. They have tracks that make the sliding action easy and smooth. These windows can be easily opened with just one hand – even just with the use of your fingertips! Just make sure to maintain the window properly and you will have no trouble opening it.

These windows are also easy to clean as you can clean the glass from the inside. There is no need for climbing out on the roof or using ladders. There are also no cranks or other hardware that you should worry about.

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Every Enerview Window comes with a transferable, non-prorated Lifetime Warranty!

Double Glaze Windows

Double pane windows are the minimum standard for every window installation with Enerview. They offer a good balance of protection from solar rays in the summer and heat absorption in the winter. Our 180 glass package performs close to a triple glazed window and gives the highest Energy Star rating.


Triple Glaze Windows

Triple pane windows offer additional protection from the sun and UV rays. Enerview is leading the industry by offering triple pane windows at an affordable rate. Most of our competitors don’t offer triple glaze windows, and the ones that do often charge an exorbitant price for the extra pane.

Fly Maze

We believe small details can make all the difference. Our fly maze is a minor change that improves comfort and function. We insert a sponge-like material into the frame to prevent insects entering your home through the drainage openings in your window frame. This is a unique feature offered by few other window companies.

Specialty Patterns

Enerview’s self-cleaning glass windows are also available in a range of specialty patterns. To give your residential windows an added touch of personality, request one of our specialty patterns that include pinhead, sycamore, glue chip or silvit pattern, or try one of our colour tints.

Double Lift Out Slider Windows Colours

All our double lift out slider window frames, grills and accessories are available in thirteen beautiful pre-selected Solar-Bond™ colours. We can also custom colour match any existing decor colour or exterior to suit your individual needs. Our standard polyurethane acrylic paint finishes are weather and fade-resistant with a 15 year Solar-Bond™ Exterior Colour Warranty.

All of our Windows & Doors are Energy Star Certified!

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