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If the mark of a successful Brampton Windows company is how long they’ve been in business, George Kent wins hands down. This is the Brampton vinyl windows outfit that’s been in business since 1949. They specialize in private label window products from EnerView.

If you’re looking for a unique Brampton vinyl windows company, you stopped at the right location. This company has several features that make it different from the competition. For example, the Fly Maze makes sure that unwanted insects don’t get into your house.

Unique Brampton Windows

There are other features that make George Kent a unique Brampton windows company. For example, the Brampton vinyl windows offered come with a maintenance free package on the trim. Buy these and you’ll never need to paint them again.

People looking for the very best in Brampton window installation choose George Kent. All of the installers who work for the company are vetted and properly trained. George Kent is so confident in their work they supply a lifetime labor warranty on the original Brampton window installation.

Brampton Window Replacements You Can Count ON

These are the Brampton window replacements that you can count on for several good reasons. There are numerous finance options available. That’s to say nothing of how tough these Brampton window replacements are.

The shatter resistant laminated glass adds an extra layer of security. These Brampton window replacements are also rated for a 20% better noise reduction.

When you choose George Kent, you’ll get the additional bonus of window installers with over 10 years of experience. Everyone who works in this department is also “Window Wise” certified. This is the company  that goes out of their way to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the product and installation.

A Brampton Windows Company That Puts You First

Take a look at the fine selection of Toronto vinyl windows carried here. There’s something for everyone from the first-time home buyer to people more experienced in real estate. This is the company that has an A+ credit rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Being a part of the Enerview label allows this company to offer some custom options that are unique. George Kent can take you through the entire Brampton vinyl windows process. The experts on staff understand exactly the windows you need. They are professionals at the installation process.

All of this makes George Kent a Brampton Windows Company you can trust.

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